Don’t Miss This Special Prayer


Father in Heaven please hear my cry, times are difficult out there but I know with you it will always be easy.

We pray for the world at large and confess today that there shall be supernatural turnaround in the situation of people all across the globe.

We Prophesy food on the tables and stomach filled for your glory. There will be a solution for the helpless.

There shall be provisions and money to cater for your needs. No day shall pass without you accomplishing your goals.

You will succeed in Jesus name. You will be happy all the days of your life. You shall not go to be hungry any day of your life.

You will never run out of ideas, cash or solutions to your challenges. You will give and give and give because giving is much better than receiving.

You will put smile on people’s faces, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You will not stumble. You will walk tall where others are crawling because of challenges.

We people see a challenge you will see a solution. You will do exploits even when the tides are high. The storm will be still and quiet for your sake.

People will look for you to bless you. Those assigned to bless you will not rest until they have blessed you. You will live long and enjoy your days in the land of the Living in Jesus name. Amen.

Share this prayer with your loved ones and enemies.


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