Prayer For Prosperity


Thank you Father for another opportunity to come into your presence and call on you to meet my needs.

Thank you for the amazing grace that you bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you that I am alive and able to say this prayer that will turn my life around.

Father, you know the world better than I do because you have the world in the palm of your hands and nothing I mean absolutely nothing happens without you approval.

You always know the end from the beginning, where man cannot reach you can. Because from the onset you creates use to carry out specific task for your glory.

Lord this times are difficult, there are so many things happening around the world causing the economic situation to be harsh on the citizens of the world.

Thats why we use this period to pray for your mighty hand to come and save us like you saved the family of Jacob from famine when you led them to Joseph in Egypt whom they had sold into slavery.

Lord provide for us, you said when we call on you, you will answer us. Father please move situations on our behalf to suit the plans you have for us. We wait on you Lord, please don’t let us be put to shame.

Please provide in abundance for us, our famil is, friends and enemies. Bless us all so much that we can be able to give to those around us who are in need. Give us your word of assurance that you hear our prayer oh Lord.

Our finances are very bad Lord, please solve our financial challenges, put a smiles on our face and give us a happy home. Please put food on our tables and money in our pockets because money is needed daily.

Create jobs for us oh lord, so that we can be able to work and earn for a living, we also pray that you cause your mighty army to destroy all the plans of the enemy against our prosperity.

The scriptures says the blessings of God makes rich and he adds no sorrow to it.(Proverbs 10:22). God please make us rich. Give us that home we have always desired. Give us that special beautiful big fancy car we have always wanted.

Give us children who will live to glorify your name. Give us a reason to keep believing that you are above all. Make us the Apple of your eye and your favourite human being.

Father please cause us to live in abundance, everything was created by you and belongs to you, father makes us wealthy as from this day forward. Give us that wealth that will never end. Give us and help us to manage our wealth with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We know you don’t do partiality but Lord we are just seeking you and we cry out to you at this moment because things are not going the way they ought to be per chance if they are we say Lord let you will be done.

God please give us a new song and a reason to stand boldly and confess your name in this world where the devil has turned things upside down.

Life is up above all forms of lack, unavailability, management, poverty and hunger. Let us be the solution to people’s problems.

Use us as your vessel to reach out to the poor and needy, to the lost and homeless, to the hungry and those who have lost hope. Give us your word for prosperity in Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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