Wives are a Blessing To Husbands


According to God, he realized that it was not easy and good for Man to be alone because he noticed that the task given to him were just too much for one person to carryout and in order to make it easy, God made Man fall into a deep sleep and brought Woman out of him for the purpose of COMPANIONSHIP.

He who finds a Wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22

Being single is not bad but it shouldn’t be turned into an institution like most people do nowadays. Many are scared of marriage because of their bitter past experiences in relationships with the opposite sex. Some people refuse to marry because they cant withstand sharing their lives with another person.

Some are scared of the responsibilities of provision for their partners and always dream of having that perfect house, job and car or even more material things that makes like comfortable without realizing that God makes everything happen at His and it’s own time. God is prudent and He will not give Man a responsibility too big for him to carry.

When a Man finds a wife there are many undeserved favors that will locate him because the scriptures says “HE OBTAINS FAVOR FROM THE LORD”. Things will begin to turnaround supernaturally for him because he is no longer alone but now has a responsibility to bear. Synergy takes place and two become one. Life becomes a lot more fun and easier to live.

Also his COMPANION which is the WIFE plays an important role in his life, she will be there for him all times to comfort, compliment, complete, encourage, nurse, cater to him and even raise Godly Offspring for God’s Purpose.

Father in Heaven, thank you for the Grace to witness another beautiful day in the land of the living. Lord we call on you today to help those who are single to locate their spouses and fulfill your word and for those who are married Lord bless thier union and make them reap it’s benefits. Lord let your will be done in our lives and let us witness supernatural turnaround in all ramifications in Jesus mighty name we pray with the help of the Holy Spirit. Amen


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